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Concert Part

Number of concerts – 8 (without opening and closing).

Venue – г. Sochi, «Festivalny», concert hall, beginning – at 7.00 p.m..

The concerts are held daily from June 25 to July 2, 2007.

The concert consists of 3 parts: the 1st and the second parts are national programs of two countries free from matches on this day, 1 h 15 min – 1 h 20 min long, made at the participant-countries discretion. Both the teams participants and especially included in the delegation artists can perform in the program. It can be either a combined program, or solo performances of the country representatives.

Each concert 3rd part is performance of a world level star – Honorary Guest of the Festival (Deep Purple, Scorpions, Toto Kutunio, Chris de Burg, and other stars’ participation is planned).

Ticket prices will vary from 500 to 3000 rub. Collections from their realization will go to the charity foundation and will be passed over to children in need of expensive operations.

The concerts will also be broadcast on 4 big screens in Sochi located near the Sea Station, Winter theatre and Museum, and on a screen in the central square in Adler.

In the «Malibu» night club, the Festival official club will function, where the participants and guests’ performances will also take place.

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